SUPERMUCIL GutCare (Isabgol)

As you know very well that Sat Isabgol is no more but only only an upper layers of Isabgol seed. Which is grow in farms western India. Is the only place its climate suits this product in whole world. Sat Isabgol has no nutrition value but only fibers in which 80% fiber are water soluble and 20% are non soluble in water. soluble fibers have role in body to detoxify the body and non soluble fiber cleans all the food passing system.  Sat Isabgol absorbs 40 to 50 times water than his weight and proform a gel. The gel is sleepy so it goes down ward collection all dirt's & other non digested materials in GutCare. We add additional two items to make this product more effectively. 
We add Amla - Dry gross-berry bery powder and sounf means fennel seed powder. Fennel seed is laxative & Dry gross-berry powder means Amla powder has vitamin c an system very well.  

This is an unique product mainly for pregnant women as  added cool natured material. All people also can consume this product.
Dosage: As suits your body or 5 grams two times a day.

Packing: 100 gms. Plastic Jar.

Available: All pharma and leading online websites like,, etc. This product is also available on

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